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  U.S. House of Representatives Legislative Business  CSPAN  March 3, 2016 2:03pm-2:59pm EST

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for greeting the next president of the united states. [cheers and applause] people say i'm a lot like donald trump. i find him a little bit shy, so we are going to get him out of his shell. in all seriousness, donald trump is a little bit like i am, but he says what needs to be said. [cheers and applause] >> it is not afraid of the political establishment. he's not afraid of lobbyists, special interests and most of all, folks, he's not afraid of the united states liberal media.
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cheers and applause] much as theyhim as hate me. but don't worry, because they said the night before the election, i had no path to victory, and we set a record for the most votes for a governor. [cheers and applause] >> so donald trump is here today and he only has one constituent, the american people. [cheers and applause] >> he's going to fight for us while the establishment has left us behind. the gridlock is so bad, nothing gets done in washington. but now, the establishment is trying to defeat him.
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those who have been sitting on their hands are now saying, you're not going to be our president. guess what? we're going to prove them wrong. [cheers and applause] is against romney donald. [crowd booing] i will sayay this -- this about donald trump. he's a businessman. he's a tough negotiator. and that combination creates jobs. [cheers and applause] >> politicians don't create jobs, business creates jobs. [cheers and applause] >> you know, our country is
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facing many challenges. we have to fix our immigration. we have to fix our health care. e have to rebuild our military infrastructure. and most of all, which most people don't want to speak and don't want to even think about and as i look out here and see the young people is the $19 trillion debt that is on your backs. we need to get rid of it. and we also got to get rid of the people that put us in this mess. you know, donald trump has been a businessman and he has lived the american dream. he has been very successful, as i have. he, unfortunately, made a little bit more money than i did.
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[laughter] >> so i want a president that is going to be strong for the american people. because as the president, the american people are his family. and let me tell you, it's family first. [cheers and applause] >> however, being here today is great. it's wonderful, but remember, you have to vote on saturday. please vote on saturday. there are 22 places and if you're not sure where your caucus is being held go to maine and you will find your location. democrats will vote next sunday. don't tell them this week. yesterday ie sanders
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said -- [crowd booing] >> bernie sanders said yesterday, i don't like poor people. bernie, if you are listening, put on my shoes for one people and tell me i don't know what poverty is. ladies and gentlemen, it is my distinct honor and pleasure to introduce the next president of the united states, donald trump. cheers and applause]
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♪ mr. trump: thank you so much. what a turnout. what a turnout. wow! [cheers and applause] mr. trump: thank you. i want to thank paul. i love tough people. you need tough people and he's a tough cookie. and when we got his endorsement, we were thrilled, i tell you that. he is a great guy. you know, i was doing a little bit of a thing called the bates -- [crowd chanting] mr. trump: get them out, please. et them out.
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what are they doing? what's the purpose? i guess a little television time, i guess. you know, i was going to the debate and i was going directly in florida and doing really well in florida. and campaigning against the guy who has the worst voting record in the history of the state of florida named rubio. i call him light weight. he's a light weight. worst history in florida. let's hope i do well there. i love florida. but i was going to detroit and i said to my people, i have to stop in maine. i just had to stop in maine. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i wouldn't say it's a very direct route. instead of going this way, i went this way and that is good. and i'm so glad. to put this incredible soldout
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crowd and thousands of people outside, to put this crowd together in a period of what, 24 hours? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and maine is amazing. maine is one of the most beautiful places on earth and people don't realize how large your land mass is. as large as all of new england when you think of it. that's some piece of land. can i buy some? can i buy some [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i have been watching with great interest, we have had amazing results and with new hampshire, it was an amazing and incredible thing. and every single time i went to new hampshire, whenever i met with people, they would say number one problem, number one problem, heroin. number one problem. and i would say how is that possible? you look at the beautiful fields and beautiful little roads and everything is so beautiful and it was the number one problem
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and comes from our southern border and we are going to close up that border and going to build a wall and stop the drugs from coming in. believe me. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and people are going to come into our country but going to come in legally. going to come in legally. and we are going to solve the problem. i watched these pundits, my wife and i came down the elevator and first started and it was amazing. i said we have to do something because we have people who don't know what they are doing, don't know what they are doing in running our country. just in hearing some of these things. we have to do it. and it takes guts to run for president. i'm not a politician. all talk, no action, nothing gets done. any way, we are coming down and i said to myself, you know, there's so many things and i watched the pundits and they said, trump, i don't know, we have some debate talent running and i'm trying to figure out
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where? where? what's the talent? you come down and start talking about trade and see what happens with trade. trade has been such a disaster. but the pundits all said, i came out at 3%, first one. my wife said if you run, you are going to win. you can't say, even if they call it, people still say you aren't going to run. if you run, you are going to win. she's my pollster. i pay her less money. you know what happens? i started at 3, the first day or something. which i wasn't thrilled about and went up to 6, 12, 18 and kept going up and every time i went up, they would say he was plateaued. we'll, he's always going to get 6. then i went up to 12. then i went up to 24.
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and that's for 17 people. we had 17 people. 24, 17 people, that's a lot. and they said that's the max and went up to 28, 32 so cnn just came out with a poll. trump, 49. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: that's high. and i'm very proud of it, because this isn't a plateau but a movement. we have a movement going on, folks. time magazine did a story recently, a couple of weeks ago talking about what's going on and never seen anything like it. they say actually and i don't think i'm ex ager ating but many of the great writers which there are very few because many of the writers are among the most dishonest people i ever dealt with, but they said in the history of this country, there has never been anything like this. we were in huntsville, alabama, we had 35,000 people.
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35,000 people. we were -- we went to arkansas. oh, is that another one? get them out. get them out. get them out. they just don't stop. get them out. thank you. bye-bye. bye-bye. terrible. incredible. now you know, you can be nice if you are nice, they will say you were soft. and you can be vicious, get out of here! and then say -- please get them out. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: it's incredible. i love you, too. i love you, too. i love you, too. i'm self-funding my campaign and putting up my own money. but you have to do -- i don't want your money, i just want
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your vote on saturday. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: don't forget, i did that big long turn, slightly long. big turn. so you can get out the vote, ok. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: so -- thank you. thank you very much. so our country and our theme is make america great again. and over the last little while, i have met so many people, thousands and thousands and thousands of people. we have like this -- we are only confined by the size of the room. this is packed but this is the size of the room. thousands and thousands of great, great americans. and i have more confidence in this country now than i ever had before. i have seen -- i mean millions of people, really, because when you get 35,000, 40,000 people for rallies and we have by far the biggest rallies. bernie is second.
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i have to give him credit. but we have by far the biggest. and i see by far the most people and this country has unbelievable people that love our country. just remember that. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i want to see the day in the not too distant future when apple makes their iphones in this country and not in china and all of these other countries. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: now, i heard and i saw just a little bit of it but i heard that mitt romney made a fairly long speech. and honestly, i'll address it quickly because it's irrelevant. [laughter] mr. trump: hit is a failed candidate. he failed horribly. [laughter] mr. trump: that was a race i have to say folks that should have been won. that was a race that absolutely
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should have been won. and i don't know what happened to him. he disappeared. he disappeared. and i wasn't happy about it, i'll be honest, because i'm not a fan of barack obama and that was a race that i backed mitt romney. and i backed him. you can see how loyal, he was begging. i could have said drop to your knees. he would have dropped to his knees. he was begging me. and he said i'm not big like him and great businessman. since then, i have done much better. but we'll talk about it in a second. hit was thinking about running again. he ran a horrible campaign. it was a campaign that never should have been lost. you are running against a failed president. he came up with 47%, he demeaned 47% of the people in our country, the famous 47%. once that was said, i'll be
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honest, once that was said, a lot of people thought it was over for him. the last month and a half, he disappeared. i called his people and said you have to do yourself a favor. obama, he was on jay leno and david letterman. hit was looking for zoning for nine-car garages. who cars about a garage. you are running for president. and hit was a disaster as a candidate. so what happened, and it was very strong and i think if the press goes back, they'll see it. when i heard he was running again and i wasn't sure i was going to be running, but i was very, very strong to hit and everybody, because i didn't want to talk to him. i was so disappointed, because he let us down. he let us down. one thing you lose and you work and you work, he let us down. he should have won. something happened. he went away. he was gone. he was horrible in the third debate.
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it was a horrible -- something happened. i don't know what happened. maybe someday they'll write a book. his campaign guy was terrible. he is always on television. stuart stevens. he ran one of the worst campaigns in the history of modern politics. and hit ran probably was the worst one because most people thought that the republican candidate would win. so when hit started raising his head a few months ago, i very strong. i said mitt romney should not run. he is a choke artist and i said it very strongly. and then jeb bush actually convinced hit not to run. can you imagine jeb, jeb told him. jeb, he is a good salesman. jeb is a good salesman. he's a high-energy salesman. but hit was afraid of jeb because he was afraid that jeb
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would get the money and jeb would get whatever. i wasn't afraid. i wasn't afraid of jeb. i can tell you that. jeb bush convinced hit not to run. this was going to be a third one. second a great catastrophe. and what happened was he went to see jeb and jeb had him convinced he has the money and hit chickened out. i'll tell you the real reason he chickened out, it was me. if you remember hit was all set to run. i know this from people that are close to him and i think he has a desire maybe at the convention to get some kind of a thing. hillary clinton will destroy him. assuming she is allowed to run and assuming she is not arrested for the emails dch [cheers and applause] mr. trump: which is so terrible. but let's assume that the
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democrats are going to protect her, let's assume that i will be running against hillary. i would love to run against hillary. and by the way, we have numerous polls show me beating her easily. she called me sexist and i hit her with the husband and that was the last time i ever heard the word sexist. so that was it. they had a rough weekend. bill was not happy. i guarantee you, he said don't you ever say that to him again. say it to somebody else, but not to trump. that was a rough, rough weekend. but hit was going to run as sure as you are standing here. but he was going to run i you was very, very angry that he was going to run. i didn't know i was going to be this, but i felt i wanted to. nbc wanted to extend "the
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apprentice" for 26 episodes. steve burke, please, donald, we would like you to do "the apprentice." the ratings after 14 seasons were still debate. and i said steve, i think i'm going to run for president. no. no. no you're not. they didn't want me to because the show does great. and ultimately i decided to run. and equal time laws, you can't do both. how is arnold schwarzenegger doing? arged? trump? well, we are going to find out if arnold is quick, because if he's not quick" and when the them coming at you, you have to be quick and smart. i hope he does well. i hope arged does well.
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they -- arnold does well. they renewed the show with me in the upfronts and i gave up a lot of deals and things to do this, takes a lot of effort. those are the people trying to get in. can you believe it? how about everybody clear out and let a new group come in? when i heard hit was going to run a little before this period of time, i was very tough. i said he can't run. he can't run. he was going to run. he can't run and i said look we have to keem him out. he is a choke artist. and i started hitting him so hard. we cannot take another loss. we cannot take another loss. and hit is indeed a choke artist and choked like i never seen anyone choke other than when rubio when chris christie was grilling him. that was one of the great
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chokes. he was standing there, shaking and sweating. right over here. i'm getting ready to grab him because i thought he was going down. but hit did a big sulk. a couple of things i heard he said. first of all, he doesn't mention the fact that i built a city on the west side of manhattan or buildings on the west side of manhattan and talking about a beef and water company. i supply all my clubs with the water. numerous those things. the magazine, other things. get them out. get them out. get them out. speaking of mexico, i won the hispanic vote by far in nevada, right? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: we won the hispanic vote in nevada in the polls. we won nevada, we won south
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carolina, new hampshire and then the big, big tuesday where we won a tremendous number. and i have to tell you this. so ultimately hit chickened out and now he's saying that hillary is very weak. but ultimately he didn't. he would have gotten beaten very badly. a couple of things were mentioned that we have to discuss. first of all when he talks about me, i wrote a couple of them down. they don't want to talk about 92-story buildings all over the place, don't talk about the bank of america building in san francisco, 1290 avenue of the americas or the west side rail road yards where i built a city on the west side of manhattan and don't want to talk about 40 wall street but want to talk about water, which i still have. i supply all my clubs. they want to talk about a magazine and i have a magazine that goes to all my clubs.
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by the way, a school, little deal, but i loved it when it was there, trump university, but i will tell you, just so you understand, the school had 98% approval rating. an attorney felt i could sue trump and get something. 98% of the people took the courses we signed report cards. you put somebody up in the stand, did you right this -- write this. they did a commercial that took it down where two people were saying negatives and we showed the statements and had to take the commercial down. 98% of the people that took the courses said really wonderful things about it. it got an a from the better business bureau. i think how do i settle a case like this. b-plus would be ok, too. but we did better than a b-plus.
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so and here's one thing i say about business. i watch these bankers and they get millions of dollars a year. 40 million and 50 million and will settle with the government $5 billion, $12 billion. i say why dornt you fight it? if you don't fight it, someone is going to sue you. next week they get sued again. you have to fight these things out. you have to do what's out. with the university, i knew i could get some bad publicity. do we agree with that, by the way? it's a very small case, civil case and i'm going to win it in court and cost me more money to win it in court than to settle. lousy timing because too busy it wasn't later because i happen to be running for president.
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any businessman or woman has lawsuits. people sue to get their money back, they sue for this and sue for a million different reasons. 98% approval rating, a from the better business bureau. we are going to win the case. it will be forever because it takes forever. i don't like to settle cases. because once you settle cases everybody says he is a settler, let's sue. a lot of people don't sue me because they say it's too hard. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: one of the things that hit brought up which is so serious he said about trade. we have to keep trade, nobody knows more about trade than me. i made so much more money than hit. i have a a store that's worth more money than hit. i made that statement jockingly when i was in iowa and "the "des moines register" which is a terrible paper, but they said
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that's a terrible statement, that's a terrible statement. and the people put me on and said what are you saying. they said you have a store that is worth more than hit. i said what's he worth? they said $150 million. it's the gucci store. i said it's much more. we don't believe the store is worth $150 million. they got three appraiseors and said that store is worth from $400 million to a billion two. check your local "des moines register." i'm not sure it's still open. i built an amazing company. and one of the reasons you know what's amazing, the hottest development, the hottest development site probably in the history of the general services administration, g.s.a., that's the government service is the
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old post office site. that's where it is built in washington, d.c.,, an entire block fronting on pennsylvania avenue. if i did don't get there, i'm getting to the white house. fronting on pennsylvania avenue but one of the most beautiful buildings. and the g.s.a. for many, many years owned it and wanted to develop it for 30, 35 years and never worked out. big job. and never happened. and went to bid. and in bidding it they had morbiders and more high-level bidders. let's assume just about the hottest job that they have ever put out to bid. every hotel company wanted it. i'm building a 300-room super luxury hotel. everybody wanted it. they went out to a public bid. and one of the things in choosing the bidder is how strong is the bidder and how
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good is the bidder's idea. they loved my idea. this bib one of the great hotels in the world. two years ahead of schedule. going to open in september. we are two years ahead of schedule and the g.s.a. people are terrific and we are under budget. the reason is that i'm using marble instead of terraza. a lot of different things. we are going the highest end. the reason i got chosen was because my financial statement was so strong because it could guarantee completion. and number two, we had the best idea. when i listen to this myth and this is in the obama administration. i wouldn't say i had an advantage. i said to my daughter and she was very much involved with that, i said maybe, maybe we aren't going to get it. but my financial statement is so strong and i put it in -- romney
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talks about taxes. taxes maybe this. very little do you learn from taxes. you can't learn very much. but i did file almost 100 pages of financial statements with the federal elections and it shows that i have a net worth that could be over $10 billion, probably over. and i don't do that in a bragging way. i tell you because that's the kind of thinking we need. we have $19 trillion was -- paul was saying. $19 trillion in debt. i have very low debt and tremendous cash flow. and i found my financials. he said maybe there is something in his tax return. but i get audited every single year and because the company is so big, fortune 500 companies every year. because my company is so big or some of the reason which is unfair. let's leave it at that.
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they audit me every year. i think it's unfair. but i have been audited every year for many years. i have nothing -- and nobody in this room would say you are being audited. you get audited and finish up the audit, routine stuff and release the tax returns. if hit would like to go down to the federal election office you will see 100 pages of financials that were filed ahead of schedule. i could have delayed it for six months. i filed them for 30 days and i had to work with the accountants and they worked overtime because i didn't want them saying he is asking for extensions. so with hit, i just wanted to tell you, he came out, it was very nasty. i thought he was a better person than that. i helped him. i raised money for his campaign and two fundraisers for him. the first one was so successful that we had the second one that same day.
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his wife which is a really lovely woman. she came up and had a fundraiser in my apartment at trump tower. i did a great job. they couldn't have caredless. they said donald, he is a stiff, he's not going to win. i should have listened to the guy. but we had a fundraiser and it was so big and raining out, i won't forget about this. it was a miserable, miserable day and people came in, hundreds of people phase one and said there's too many people to put them in one and called for another one after. and because everybody's shoes were so wet, i ruined my carpet. this carpet was wiped out and nobody thanked me for the carpet. maybe i could send hit a bill for carpet ruined. when you help somebody, when you help somebody, i made six robot
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calls. every single place i made, he won. north carolina. six different places. you helped somebody and then he turns. now, i will say this. i will say this. i will say this. he probably had a right to turn, because nobody could have been nass nastier than me. and the reason i said that. i love our country too much. if he would have run and even if he would have won, it would have been bad. he doesn't have what it takes to be president. he doesn't have what it takes to be president. so i do want to mention one thing because it worked so well because his speech was so long and covered a lot of territory. he didn't mention the many buildings and building over 120 jobs all over the world. we just got turnberry and d omp
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ral and they are having the world championship today in florida and nimea in maine. roary and everybody is down there. and tiger is going down there. but they're all there. all at my place and here i am making a speech in maine, ok. so if i don't win on saturday, i'll say boy, was a mistake. any way, i think we will. he talked about trade. talked domestic. bye-bye. bye-bye. bye-bye. get them out. et them out. i love you, too. these people. i tell you what, your police are
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fantastic. do we love our police? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: where would we be without them in all fairness? they are so abused and one stupid incident or bad incident or one bad person, which happens out of the whole country and it's the biggest story in the news and it plays forever and people don't realize how great a job the police of this country do, i have to tell you. so one of the things that hit was talking about was domestic policy and we need trade and we need trade and we have to deal with china and deal with all these people, look. last year in terms of a trade deficit we lost with china $500 billion. we lost with mexico. that's why mexico is going to pay for the wall, folks. mexico, look, the wall, it's actually 2,000 miles. we have a lot of natural
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barriers. wall is going to cost $10 billion. going to be a trump wall and bring it in under budget. i have to name it after myself because maybe -- should i name it after myself? i don't think so. but we are going to have a real wall and going to be great. stop drugs pouring into maine and new hampshire. walls work. properly done, walls work. they come up to me and say, but mexico will never pay. politicians say, but donald -- first they said there is no wall. you can't bilt a wall. china built a wall that is 13,000 miles. 2,000 miles, we can do it. i hear cruz saying we can't build a wall and we heard him say, we are going to a build a
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wall. i don't know if rubio said it. i think rubio has bigger problems than worrying about walls. here's the thing we have with mexico a $58 billion trade deficit. if the wall costs $10 billion, a tiny fraction, i guarantee you that mexico is going to pay for the wall just as sure as you are standing there. a politician wouldn't say that. and vincente fox threw the f-word out. f-bomb. can you imagine if i used that word? that would be a big story. he threw it out and nobody cares. and then we had our vice president apologize to them. i love mexico and the mexican people and i have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of mexican people, thousands have worked for me. the hispanics are phenomenal
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people. i won the poll in nevada. i won nevada and i won with the hispanics which is so good. so good. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: but look, here's the problem, their leaders are too smart. we are getting killed at the border and trade. nabisco is moving in from chicago and closing their big plant. look at ford, they are building a massive car complex and closing in michigan and other places and closing and going to mexico. the other day, carrier air conditioners. good air conditioners. i'm not buying them anymore. they announced 1,400 men and women are being laid off. big, big story. 1,400 and this manager -- well, ladies and gentlemen we are closing our plant and moving to mexico. he was pretty tough. this was not a guy with social
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grace. they are going to move to mexico. mitt romney said we have to keep free trade. if we keep free trade, we aren't going to have any companies left at all. you more -- know more about nafta but we are going to do something much different. i built a tremendous fortune and i started off with very little. they say my father. if my father would have given -- my sister and brother called me up and said don, are they kidding. and now it's worth billions and billions and billions of dollars. i will tell you something. with the carrier plant, what you have to do is you have to be smart. so this isn't free trade. we have to have smart trade. china charges tremendous tariffs and taxes. i have a friend who is a manufacturer. he makes great product and puts it into china and they send it
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back. third time they take it but pays a tremendous tax. you have no idea how tough it is to negotiate with china. and when they take the product, they charge you the tax. china when they sell their product. no tax. take our jobs, no tax, no nothing. not going to work that way. mexico the same thing. ford builds this plant going to make cars, trucks and parts and going to send them into our country. no tax. where is that good for us? when i watch a guy like romney who truly is a light weight. think of it. he is talking about trade. and i love free trade. i'm a free trader. a lot of the conservatives say donald trump doesn't like free trade. i want smart trade. i don't want to be losing $500 billion a year. i don't want to be losing $58
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billion a year. i want to make money or break even at worst. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: so i tell people, if you had like light weight rubio as president, he is all controlled by the special interests, 100%. remember, i'm self-funding and they aren't paying me anything. a guy like ted cruz getting a lot of money from oil and other places, ok. honestly that's the way life works. oil, 100%. he'll get a lobbyist, 100%. me, it's different. here's what they will do it. they'll carry it to anyone who will listen. only way we are going to stop this tremendous outflow of companies and pfizer, great drug company leaving going to ireland. wonderful. but you aren't going to take
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advantage of us. you aren't going to take of us. here's what happens. let's use carrier. i know it's not presidential and my wife called before and said darling, would you ask presidential like you were the other night when you had those victories. i said, but i have incoming. when you have incoming, you can't be too presidential. i said i have incoming. here's what happens. they said act presidential tonight. i said i'll act presidential, but if somebody hits me, i'm going to hit them back harder. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: it's one of those things. what happens is they won't do anything, the lobbyists will say you can't do anything to carrier or f omprmp d. they have been loyal to you and very good. and good. that's the end of that. here's what i do. i call up and i would like to
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use one of my guys. many of the great businessmen and women endorse me. i would announce them but nobody cares. these are the most important people. i will use the greatest business people, greatest negotiators in the world. this is so easy. i want to do it myself but it's so unpresidential for me to call up carrier. call up say hi, i'm president donald trump, president of the united states. i hope you enjoy your stay in mexico and i hope you build a beautiful plant and i want to wish you well, but let me tell you something, you moved out. you hurt 1,400 people. these people were devastated. i watched it and did a great job. you hurt 1,400 people and there's no free trade. their politicians are smarter and streeter and smart-wise. i said here's the story, every
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air conditioning unit you make and every single air conditioning unit you make and comes into the border into the united states, we are going to charge you a 35% tax, ok? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and that's it. here's what happens. as sure as you are standing here. you have to speak to the president. they can't speak to me. i didn't take their money. here's what's going to happen. they are going to call me up within 24 hours and say, mr. president, do you have any second thoughts. i say absolutely not. sir, we decided to stay in the united states. we've decided -- now, we can be cute or say we are coming -- in washington they are playing with all sorts of formula. when hit made the statement saying he will ruin free trade. if i'm losing $500 billion with
2:48 pm
china, $58 billion with mexico in terms of deficits, what do i want that trade for any way. who needs that kind of trade? seriously. who needs that kind of trade. hit admitted i'm a much better businessman than him. i am. we will have better relationships with mexico. we will have better relationships with china. they'll respect us. they don't respect us now. they think we are the dumbest people in the world led by the dumbest people. china in the south china sea is building a massive military rce with runways, tremendous complex. they aren't supposed to be doing this. they have no respect for our country. with me, i'm going to rip up those trade deals and make really good ones. we have the cards. remember, i wrote "the art of the deal," which is the number
2:49 pm
one business selling book of all time. we have the cards. we have rebuilt china with the money they have taken out of our country for many years in all fairness. it is the debatest single theft in the world. you go to china, they have trains that go 300 miles an hour. we have trains that go chug, chug, chug and then have to stop because the track split. they have trains in china and japan. we are like third world. go to our airports, you go to dubai and qatar and different places in asian see airports like you have never seen and come home and land at kennedy or l.a.x. and land at la guardia. la guardia with the potholes all over the place. it is a very sad thing. what is happening to our country is very, very, very sad.
2:50 pm
we are going to make it a lot better and make it different and get rid of those horrible trade deals. at some point we can't continue to lose $500 billion. we can't continue. you add it up whether it's india, vietnam, whether it's anybody, every single country in the world that deals with us takes advantage of the stupidity of the united states and a lot of it is because they have the right lobivities and negotiators and hire the right people on pennsylvania avenue. they have the right people. and they are negotiating with political hacks, not our best people. almost our worst people. so we are going to make our country so strong. we are going to make it strong militarily. our military is very depleted [cheers and applause] mr. trump: our military is very badly depleted and everything -- the whole country is depleted and we are going to make our
2:51 pm
military strong. our vets are treated horribly. horribly. e have to get rid of ork and repeal it and -- obamacare and repeal it and replace it. and get rid of common core which is a disaster. you know, in the world educationally, of the 30 countries that they look at, we are number 30 in education, meaning we are the worst. and yet per student cost, number one so far, number two doesn't exist. we are number one in costs and we are number 30 in terms of success. so we are ranked the worst and yet we spend the most. and part of that is common core, it's terrible. part of it is a lot of theft, waste, fraud and abuse. but we are going to straighten it out. when i won new hampshire, they came out with a report, donald
2:52 pm
trump spent $2.5 million and i won't mention names but other people spent $45 million. >> who? mr. trump: i don't think he likes me, do you agree? wouldn't it be nice -- so i have the lowest expenditure by far and i have the biggest results by far. way, way number one. wouldn't it be nice if we could do that for our country? we can do that. that's what we are going to do. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: so we are simply going to make america great again. we are going to win so much. you are going to get so tired of winning, you are going to say please, let us have a couple of losses. we are going to make america great again and you'll say ok. thank you very much. i love you very much. go vote on saturday. i love you. thank you.
2:53 pm
thank you. thank you everybody. cheers and applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by national captioning institute]
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